Modeling Social and Emotional Intelligence for Children and Adolescents

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Welcome to Modeling Social and Emotional Intelligence for Children and Adolescents! Even before the pandemic, there was an obvious need for helping children and adolescents develop effective social emotional skills and dispositions. Since the pandemic, a resounding call for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has continued to echo in homes, classrooms, and child-centered programs. This course is based on the premise that by improving our own social and emotional intelligence we are better able to model this for the young people in our lives. Our interactions at school, at home, or in our communities are seen, heard, and observed by children and adolescents. When we model self-care, compassion for others, and prosocial behaviors, children and adolescents learn to do the same. Enjoy this introductory course designed to help you enhance and model social emotional intelligence!

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

1. Identify the five core Social Emotional Learning (EL) competencies.

2. Describe how adult modeling supports children and adolescents’ SEL.

3. Provide strategies for enhancing and modeling social and emotional intelligence.

Course Introduction

Developed By

Head Shot Dr. Amy LynAmy E. Lyn, PhD

Amy is the Director of the Virtual Education Support Center and an Assistant Professor for the School of Education. She has developed courses in Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Curriculum and Teaching, Remote Learning, and Trauma-Informed Educational Practices. Before joining Northcentral University, Amy worked in K-12 education as a Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development, Principal, Assistant Principal, Educator Coach, and Teacher. She continues to serve as a leadership coach and consultant for schools and nonprofits.

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