Inclusive Leadership

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Whether you are in a formal leadership role or not, there are times when all of us are called to lead. Leadership does not reside within a single person but instead, is something that each of us can learn to do more inclusively and effectively. Committing to the value of inclusivity on a personal level allows our behaviors and actions to create more inclusive work environments. Inclusive environments are ones where everyone feels safe, valued, and accepted as their authentic selves. Our shared commitment to inclusion benefits us all as inclusive environments are dynamic, innovative, and truly build for the success and well-being of all.

This course will help you build skills associated with inclusive leadership. In this course, you will learn to identify behaviors associated with inclusive leadership, describe and identify intrapersonal and interpersonal strategies associated with inclusive leadership, and explore ways to build inclusive organizations by using the inclusive excellence framework.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify the behaviors of inclusive leaders

2. Define key terms for inclusive leadership

3. Describe intrapersonal leadership practices

4. Identify interpersonal strategies of inclusive leaders

5. Apply ways to build inclusive organizations

Course Introduction

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Dr. BeverlyDr. Monifa Beverly Dr. Monifa Beverly is Professor in the School of Education where she is a Dissertation Chair, Subject Matter Expert on dissertation committees, and instructor for research courses. She also is honored to be a NCU Faculty Senator. Dr. Beverly graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) with a PhD in Education with a specialization in Culture, Curriculum, and Change. She also earned her B.A. in Economics/Mathematics from Spelman College and an M.S. in Economics from UNC-CH. Her interests include culturally responsive and equitable evaluation, and social justice and equity in in online education and online spaces.

Dr. Annabelle Goodwin Dr. Annabelle Goodwin is the Director of Equity and Inclusion and a professor of marriage and family therapy. She graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a PhD in human development with a specialization in marriage and family therapy. She also earned her M.Ed. in couples and family therapy from the University of Oregon. Her interests include social justice and equity in higher education, higher education leadership, and implementation of diversity initiatives in online education.
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