Master School Nurse and COVID-19

This continuing education course will focus on support and preparation for the return of students to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. The target audience for this learning activity is school nurses, nurses, school administrators, teachers, parents, corporations, communities, and government officials.

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Men's Health: Preventative Strategies to Improve and Sustain Health and Wellness in African American Men

This continuing education course will focus on the benefit of preventative health care for African American men. The target audience for this learning activity is nurses and other health care professionals. The information in the course is presented in three modules that include a self-assessment at the conclusion of each module. Each module requires critical thinking and real-world application of evidence-based research, guidelines, and preventive health recommendations.

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Crisis Management: COVID-19 Response in Community Health Nursing

COVID-19 is a novel virus that has created unprecedented healthcare challenges since March 2020. Nurses are called to serve in a broad range of crisis management roles that expand beyond traditional healthcare settings into home care and community settings. In this course, newly adopted protocols to screen for home care placement and safely care for the infected patient in the home setting will be explored.

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