15 Hour - Chemical Dependency

This 15 credit hour course covers important information designed to support the professionals working with individuals and families experiencing substance use disorder. The course is delivered using a series of educational presentations and case studies designed to illustrate various concepts. Topics include the etiology of addiction, screening, assessment, diagnosis, evidenced based practices and programs, as well as cultural issues in working with individuals and families with substance use disorders. Course materials will prepare participants with the basic concepts relevant to assessment and treatment of addiction. The course will help to resolve questions of what causes substance use disorder, what should be done, and how many options for treatment should be known and considered. This course provides information that will be valuable for individuals that have or are planning a career in the treatment of substance use disorder or work in parallel service fields and desire to gain additional knowledge. Those who have received training in this area may find this course helpful as a refresher or as opportunity to explore areas that may not have been previously covered in training.

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15 hour - Clinical Supervision Training

This low-cost bundle is comprised of four courses and encompasses 15 hours of clinical supervision training. The four courses are Foundation of Supervision (6 hours), Supervision and Cultural Humility (3 hours), Ethical Situations in Supervision (3 hours), and Telesupervision (3 hours). In this introductory series, participants will explore what it takes to be effective, review different models, examine cultural components, revisit ethical responsibilities, and refresh their distance-based skills. This asynchronous bundle will equip mental health professionals with necessary information for successful clinical supervision.

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6 hour - Teletherapy Training

This introductory two course package will cover the critical areas of Telemental health and Telesupervision for mental health professionals through six individual modules. Topics include the benefits and challenges of online therapy services, best practices when performing remotely, legal and ethical considerations, and techniques and strategies that contribute to the efficiency of telehealth as a delivery modality.

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Creating and Managing a Virtual Business

This Virtual Business Creation course is designed for individuals interested in creating and managing a virtual business. It is also a supplemental guide for individuals who may already be engaged in the virtual community and are looking to expand or modify their existing virtual platform. The course is an interactive and educational program designed to offer opportunity identification and practical business development structures and management opportunities. Students will gain a holistic understanding of the benefits of creating and managing a virtual business, the simplicity of creating a virtual company, and the requirements for creating a virtual business.

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Crisis Management: COVID-19 Response in Community Health Nursing

COVID-19 is a novel virus that has created unprecedented healthcare challenges since March 2020. Nurses are called to serve in a broad range of crisis management roles that expand beyond traditional healthcare settings into home care and community settings. In this course, newly adopted protocols to screen for home care placement and safely care for the infected patient in the home setting will be explored.

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Cultural Competence and Diversity

This course will cover historical models of cultural diversity including cultural competence models, cultural sensitivity, and cultural humility. It will also provide an introduction to the current trends in research and practice related to new approaches to diversity. This course maintains a systemic foundation and will describe a model of socio-cultural attunement and third order change informed by McDowell, Bermudez, & Knudson-Martin (2019).

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Death and Dying - Facilitating the Transition

This introductory course will explore how to support dying individuals and their families. You will consider psychological aspects of death and dying and assess theories of grieving. You will be asked to reflect on your own attitudes about death and dying and examine a range of cultural attitudes around death. You will develop knowledge and strategies for how to support the transition to death.

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Developing Students' Relationship Skills in the Online Learning Community - Grades 4-12

Relationship skills are one of the five core competencies for Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Integrating relationship skills into teaching and learning helps to foster a safe supportive learning environment. Improved relationship skills aid students in forming and maintaining connections with others. The ability to initiate human connection in a virtual environment and to foster healthy, respectful relationships will serve students for their entire life. This course can be helpful for anyone teaching online.

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Ethical Situations and Supervision

The Ethical Situations in Supervision introductory course is designed to examine ethical scenarios that can play a role in our work as supervisors. We'll present scenarios, describe how supervisors handled them, and discuss the ethical responsibilities involved. This course will explore the many facets of being in tune with ethical responsibilities within the supervision relationship. This ethical training program is designed as a continuing education unit for supervisors in many clinical fields, including social work, clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy, and counseling. This course is asynchronous and designed to be an introductory course, a refresher course, or an intermediate course for supervision competencies.

 Sponsor: APA, NBCC    3 Hours       75      Online

Exploring Legal, Ethical, and Professional Aspects of Clinical Practice

Throughout this continuing education course, participants will receive clinical practice training, including updates and changes to ethical and legal expectations and mandates. This information will be covered throughout six modules and includes quizzes, concluding with a final exam to test your understanding of the material. Mental health professionals will have an opportunity to explore complex and particularly muddy ethical and legal issues. This will assist you in using your clinical judgment and competencies when deciding on ethical and legal courses of action. This online course is useful for currently licensed professionals and will be taught as an intermediate course as it exceeds the Board of Psychology’s ethics and law requirement and the Board of Behavioral Science’s mandated six-hour ethics and law update requirement.

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