Law and Ethics of Clinical Supervision: Fundamentals Combined

Through this course you will enhance your knowledge regarding the role of a clinical supervisor, cultural competence, legal and ethical issues and supervision contracts.

 Sponsors:      6 Hours       150     Online

Master School Nurse and COVID-19

This continuing education course will focus on support and preparation for the return of students to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. The target audience for this learning activity is school nurses, nurses, school administrators, teachers, parents, corporations, communities, and government officials.

 Sponsor:  BRN     2 Hours       99     Online

Self-Care in the age of COVID 19

Students will learn about how current events have heightened the risk for mental health providers to experience compassion fatigue and ambiguous loss, warranting the need for unique considerations for self-care.

 Sponsors:      1 Hour       FREE       Online


Telemental Health

Through this course participants will learn best practices for handling crises or challenging cases in telemental health and the importance of screening clients for appropriateness prior to engaging in telemental health. This training will provide overview of ethical and legal considerations in clinical work using online therapy services as a delivery modality.

 Sponsor      3 Hours       75      Online


Participants will review specific technological requirements that need to be set in order to provide an effective online supervision, explore ethical and legal guidelines for telesupervision, and assess challenges and benefits of online supervision.

  Sponsor:    3 Hours       75       Online