Law and Ethics in Clinical Supervision: Combined

This introductory course will provide clinical supervision training and will highlight the ethical responsibilities of a clinical supervisor. Through this course you will enhance your knowledge regarding the role of a clinical supervisor, cultural competence, legal and ethical issues, and supervision contracts. This course fulfills the licensure requirements for six hours of continuing education in supervision and ethics.

 Sponsors:  APA, NBCC    6 Hours       159     Online


In this introductory course, you will review current best practices pertaining to telesupervision, particularly in the fields of therapy and psychology. You will learn to manage employees remotely while reviewing specific technological requirements needed to provide effective online supervision, explore ethical and legal guidelines for telesupervision, and assess challenges and benefits of online supervision. Through this remote work training course, you will also develop techniques and strategies that contribute to efficient telesupervision.

 Sponsor: APA, NBCC    3 Hours       75       Online

Telemental Health

This telemental health introductory course will cover the benefits and the challenges of engaging in online therapy services or telemental health counseling. Participants will learn best practices for handling crises or challenging cases in telemental health and the importance of screening clients for appropriateness prior to engaging in telemental health. This telemental health training will provide an overview of ethical and legal considerations in clinical work using online therapy services as a delivery modality.

 Sponsor: APA, NBCC    3 Hours       75      Online